Yangtai Mountain Shenzhen

In Shenzhen, rare mountains can be found here due to its rapid development of economy. The well-known mountains here are Wutong Mountain, Lianhua Mountain, Bijia Mountain, Nanshan Mountain, TangLang Mountain, Yangtai Mountain. In this post, we will introduce the Yangtai Mountain Park in Longhua Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Yangtai Mountain Intro

Yangtai Mountain is about 587.1 meters in height. Compared to the 927- meters Wutong mountain , Yangtai mountain is not too high for people to get to the top. However, as Yangtai Mountain Park is still under construction, this mountain is still in quite a wild status. Thus, there are not too many people visiting there.

Shenzhen Yantai mountain travel review
Even it is a new place for Shenzhen guys to relax at weekend, it has been named as one of the top eight sightseeing places of Shenzhen. The other seven sights are Wutong fog, Meisha seashore, Splendid Shenzhen South Road, Dapeng old fortress, Dongmen walking street, Early spring in Lianhua Mountain, OTC and China-England street.

Yantai mountain locates in Northwest of Shenzhen. Its address is Longyan shan Village, Long Teng Road, Shiyan town, Bao an District. It is in the conjunction of Nanshan District, Shiyan Street and Longhua Street of Baoan District. Yangtai Moutain is a generall name including the main Yangtai mountain and many other small mountains. It’s about 28.5 square kilometers. Under this mountain, there is a square named Yangtai Moutain Park Plaza. In this Plaza, there is an entry to the mountain.

Yantai mountain landscape

There are many entrances to the mountain if you are familiar enough with this mountain, such as Dalang entrance, Shiyan entrance, Makan Village entrance, Goldern ptich job site entrance, Gaofeng dam entrance, Tangkeng entrance. Among these six entrances, the first two are most savest ones. They are for people like me who has just been there for the first time.

Yantai mountain is not just a mountain. There is a reservoir within it, storing water for Shenshen. So, to keep our water clean and safe, pls do not litter around when you are there.
Yantai mountain shenzhen

Besides, there are many kinds of wild animals there, such snake, birds,etc.. You can even see horses which were raised by some guys. This is so wild a place that it was an ideal shelter for hiding somebodies important to China during the eight -years anti-Japanese War. You can find s monument there at the Dalang entrance.

As this mountain is not easy for people take over, you should get yourself well prepared before starting your trip. Comfortable shoes are excential. Anti-Monsquital liquid is needed. Enough food must be in your package. Companions must be twith you.

One of the most important advice is that keep you safe during the trip. Always stay with your teammates. Do not walk into the wild area. Anyway, Leave all the risk to your next next trip.

How to Get Yangtai mountain by bus?

You can take the bus Line 769 or 635 to get there.

If you live in Nanshan District of Shenzhen, you can get to the Yangtai mountain by bus. Take the bus line M206, get off the bus at the final station, that is Shiyan Bus General Station. There, we can transfer to the aboved mentioned bus 769, and get off at the Yangtai Mountain Station.