Go to YangMeiKeng Beach in Eastern Shenzhen

We all dream of visiting those beautiful islands and beaches to enjoy the soft sands, cool winds, clean water, surfing, Diving, Watching sunrise and sunset in a big house,etc.. So, many of us have a tour plan of going to Sanya, Bali, Sabah, Fiji, Maldives, Phuket and many other such famous places. These places are so well known and so far away from the place we live that we must pay a certain amount of money and a certain amount of days to be there. The rare chances to be these places make these tours much treasure to you and you will cherish it in your sweet memory.

However, it is always very if we could enjoy these seashore funs frequently. In Shenzhen, this is not just a dream. As Shenzhen is a costal city, there are many seashores in it, such as DaMeiSha, XiaoMeiSha, Dapeng seashore, Nan’ao seashore, Dongchong, Xichong, YangMeiKeng, Jidiaosha and so on. Among these seashores, the most clean and natural one in my opinion is of no doubt YangMeiKeng. Here in YangMeiKeng, you can have a really relaxed weekend.

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If you would like to stay there for a few days, you can book a room or even a house near by the beach either with local farmers or with hotels. There are many restaurants and family inns along the beach. At the end of this beach, there is a group named Deer Mouth Height. There are many wooden houses for tourists to stay. If you have a large enough budget, you can book these wooden houses.

Deer Mouth Height is also a part of National Geopark. It has amazing landscape,including steep cliff, rock hills, corrupt rock cave etc.. There is a restaurant up at the mountain above the beach. You can enjoy the delicious food and the silent ocean sights and winds at the same time.

At YangMeiKeng, the most popular and simple activity is riding bicycle with your families or your friends along the long long beach. There are bicycles for couples, for four persons ,and for four adults with two little kids. Here is a paradise of bicycle because of the long beach. Many tourists who drive to YangMeiKeng also would like to park their cars at the start and then rent a bicycle ,riding along the beach, enjoying the breeze, the huge picture of vast ocean approaching the blue low sky, white soft sand and slick hard stones covering the whole seashore. This riding road will lead you to the Deer Mouth Height.

Besides riding bicycle , along the beach, there are also many barbecue sites. You can rent one barbecue pit, buy charbroil and food with local shops. If you do not want to cook by yourself, you can eat seafood at local restaurant. There are fish, shrimp, crab etc..

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Many diving specialists also gather there. If you want to dive, you can always find a coach to fulfill your dream.

YangMeiKeng is the most eastern coast of Shezhen. Near this coast, there are also many islands, such as Sanmen Island, Big Jia Island, Small Jia Island. There are many speedboats for you to rent. The boats owners will take you to these islands and leave you there if you want.

To sum up, YangMeiKeng is really a good place to relax at weekend.

If you want to go there, here is some traffic tips.
If you want to drive there from Shenzhen, drive along Binhe road, and then drive to Luosha road, drive towards yantian and S30 direction, drive on Yanba highway until you reach Nan’ao exit, then drive along Pingxi Road, then drive towards Nan’ao, and then take the Kuinan Road,then Xinda Road, then XinDong Road. Drive all along XinDong Road, you will find out YangMeiKeng at your left side soon. All the road from the start of YangMeiKeng to the end named Deer Mounth Height is called XinDong Road.

If you want to take a bus there, it is very convenience. There are many buses can take you to Luohu gymnasium bus station. There take line E11, get off the bus at the final station named Nan’ao Jiedaoban. Right there waiting for line M274. It will take you to YangMeiKeng, which is also the last bus station. Pls note that the last bus takes you to leave YangMeiKeng is at around 18:00PM. Do remember to catch up the final bus if you do not want to stay there overnight.