Xi Chong – one of the most popular beaches of Shenzhen

Xi Chong, like YangMeiKeng beach in Eastern Shenzhen, is one of the most popular seashore of Shenzhen.

Xi Chong is a beach with long costal line in Shenzhen. Many people drive a long way here to enjoy a relaxing weekend, as there are lots of wooden houses,barbecue sites, and boats taking you to the adjective islands for renting. What’s more, the beach of XiChong connects the one of the Dongchong, because of which many hikers come here to challenge themselves to walk through these two beaches.

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This sport is very popular in Shenzhen among the youths. This is because that the conjunction between Dongchong and Xichong is also a costal line with random rocks laying here and there under the foot of the hills. It can be quite dangerous if one with not much experience goes there alone, as the tides may arises to drown the stones, leaving no roads for people to walk. Besides, the natural road paved by the random rocks may be not so easy to get through. To go there, we usually take a long and thick rope to pull our teammates in some dangerous spots. This long costal line is about 9 kilometers long, and generally it takes 4 to 5 hours to walk through. This costal line is recommended by the National Geographic Magazine as one of the top ten beautiful rout for hiking in China. Along this costal line, there are many kinds of geographic landscape, such as huge gritstone,reef,caves dug by the years of ocean wind. This hiking rout is classified as the basic level among the outdoor sports. So everybody can have a try, even for those sixties. We have a couple of sixties as our teammates before. Generally, we starts this hiking from Xichong. And the best time to do this sport if during November to April.

Xi Chong the most popular beaches of Shenzhen
It is very convenient to go to Dongchong now. If we want to go there by bus, we generally wait for the bus E11 at Luohu Gymnasium bus station heading to the Nan’ao final station, get off the bus and wait right there for bus M232, get off at the number 1 ticket selling gate. It costs CNY 13.00. If we want to drive there. The rout is Binhe road – Luosha road- Yanba highway- Kuchong /Nan’Ao exit- Pingxi road- Hai bin road- Kuinan road- Tong fu road- Nan Xu road. The toll gate will be seen on our left hand side. It takes about 2 hours from Luohu to Xichong. If you go there by bus, do wait at the bus station before 17:30,as this is the final one of today. If you have missed it, call local resident for help as most of them have a car, they can drive you to the nearby bus station named Nan’ao. However, they will ask for about CNY 200.00, which is much too expensive comparing to the generally price CNY 5.0 per person. So, if you have no plan for the next day, rent a wooden house along the beach and enjoy the barbecue and firewood at night. It can be a wonderful and cherish night in your life.
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