Translate text in photos

If you don’t speak Chinese and plan to travel to China, you may need a translator app on the phone. In China, you can try to speak English with Chinese, as some Chinese may be able to communicate in Englilsh. If no luck, you have no choice but use a translator app on the phone.

Microsoft Translator is a good one. It supports more than 60 languages. Unlike other translator apps, this one can not only translate typed in text, voice input, but also conversations and even camera photos and screenshots. What’s more you can download languages for offline translation so you can use it anywhere you need without the need for internet connection or cellular data. Last but not least, it is totally free to use.

Here’s how you can translate text in photos, screenshots using this free translation app.

Take a picture or screenshot on the phone

Use your Camera app on the Android or iPhone to take a picture of what you want to translate, could it be a menu in restaurant, billboards in the streets, a book, magazine, receipt and so on. You can also take a screenshot to save anything displays on your phone screen as image file in your Gallery or Camera Roll. See how you can take a screenshot on iPhone.

Translate text in picture

Run the translator app. Choose your target language at the bottom right corner. Choose Camera mode. Instead of taking a photo, tap the Album at the bottom left, then select the photo to translate. If the photo is not saved on the phone yet, you can also shoot the photo now under the Camera mode and automatically translate it to your target language.

microsoft translator app iphone

The translation will be put in the same place as the original words in the same image, so you know where a sentence begins or ends. Very user friendly.

Extract text from images

Do you want to copy original words from photos and save them as plain text in notes, Word or other document? The translator app will directly translate text in photos to your selected language. You can’t copy the text from the original pictures. If you need to verify the translation using an online translator or another app which does not support camera translation, you can follow this guide to copy text from pictures on iPhone using a scanner app with advanced OCR technology.