Transformer 3 China

“Transformers 3” was premiered in China on July 21. The premiere of Transformer 3 in China is about one month later than America. The Transformer 3 has already made almost half a billion dollars worldwide before it beats its way into China. Rumor has it said that it is China Media & Broadcasting organization’s decision.

It is because of a new movie “Jian Dang Da Ye” (it has been translated into English as The Beginning of the Great Revival) released last month. This is a patriotic movie shows the story how the Communist Party was found, describes the party’s influence as having led China down a glorious path of ethnic independence, liberation, national wealth and strength..

This film is very special to China, in order to let people to pay more attention to this patriotic film China doesn’t want its people to see Transformers 3 – at least not before the state-sponsored propaganda movie or when the Chinese have not seen it yet.

transformer 3 china

Two interesting things about the new Transformers 3 China I would like to share with Chinese audience. The first thing is that report found 68 brands were placed in the film, including four Chinese brands of computers, clothes, milk and televisions, which had generated US$400 million of revenue. It is entertaining to see so many Chinese product placement in Transformers 3. See

The other thing is that, if you open Baidu (the biggest search engine in China)knowledge search, and do a search for transformer in Chinese. You will definitely be surprised by what Baidu did to Transformers 3 in China I am pretty sure. Just take a look at the bellow video if you do not believe that.