Things I Like the Best in Knight Valley of OCT East Shenzhen

OCT East is consisted of Tea Stream Valley, Knight Valley, Huaxing Temple and Wind Valley. To visit all these places in Shenzhen OCT East, you should buy two separate tickets, one for Tea Stream Valley, the other one for Knight Valley. Tea Stream Valley and Knight Valley are the most popular. To find more information of OCT East, you can check out this traveler guide of OCT East Shenzhen. And you can find the Performance, Adventures and more fun in OCT East Shenzhen, following article reviews the Hotels, Recreation, Theme Parks in OCT East.

 Things I Like the Best in Knight Valley of OCT East Shenzhen

In the Knight Valley theme park, two things I think young people would like. The first one is the wood coaster (roller coaster), also known as Mountain Flyer, is a wooden roller coaster located at Knight Valley, in OCT East in Shenzhen. You can find it at the hillside.

wood coaster in oct east shenzhen
The second one is the higher roller at the mountain top of Knight Valley. It works like Ferris wheel, but in a more crazy way. You can experience something similar to bungee jumping. There is cable car can take you to the top of the mountain without extra fee.
high roller in knight valley oct east shenzhen


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