The Shenzhen Apple Store

When you want to shop for Apple products, where will you go? For most Shenzhen people the answer would be Hongkong. Yes, it’s true. There is a big Apple retail store at CIF Hong Kong, we all go to get ipad, iPhone, iPod and other Apple products there. However do you know that we have an Apple retail store in Shenzhen now?

The Shenzhen Apple Store opened in November 2012 at Yitian Holiday Plaza shopping mall, Nanshan district, Shenzhen.

The Shenzhen Apple Store is the seventh Apple Store in China. It’s in the underground level of the Yitian Holiday Plaza shopping mall. As of now, it is the first one in Shenzhen.

apple store in holiday plaza of shenzhen

Where is the Apple Store in Shenzhen?

The Apple Store in Shenzhen is located at the Yitian Holiday Plaza, in Nanshan district of Shenzhen. You can get there by bus, taxi or take the subway line 1. The Apple Store is just opposite to the Window of the World of Shenzhen, a very famous tourism site. The nearest bus stop is Window of the World, the nearest metro stop is also Window of the World.

The Shenzhen first Apple Store

Shenzhen of China is the place where many Apple products come from. Foxconn in Shenzhen has been manufacturing Apple products for long time. Now we have the first apple store in Shenzhen, the official Apple Store might help stem the flow of grey market products into China, as Shenzhen is the main point of entry for those products and having an official outlet might make it difficult for grey market resellers. Other so claimed Apple store in Shenzhen are most likely not authorized, and apple products they sell might have been imported from the grey market in Hong Kong.

According to a post on

“Shenzhen, as most people are aware by now, is home to Foxconn, Apple’s primary contract manufacturer for iOS devices,” Caudabe reports. “What most people may not know is that Shenzhen is one of the wealthiest cities in China and typically joins Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as one of China’s so-called ‘first tier’ cities.”

“So it’s not surprise that Shenzhen is the first city outside of Beijing where Apple has chosen to open its first retail store,” Caudabe reports. “It also happens to be the center of the counterfeit electronics industry in China. Not 10 miles away from this official Apple store is an area called Hua Qiang Bei, replete with all sorts of counterfeit doodads. And a few “replica” (read: really, crappy, fake) Apple stores, of course.”

5 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    I wonder why it takes so long for Apple to get started in the retail business in China, far after its competitors like Microsoft, Samsung.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks Bob, I go and look

  3. bob says:

    you are welcome. in case you may need, here is the link to the Shenzhen metro network. You can take metro line 1 and get off at Window of the World metro station.

  4. ALI HUSSEIN says:

    is There any official Apple store in Futian or Longhua , shenzhen – china ??

  5. admin says:

    no. currently there is only one Apple Store in Nanshan, Shenzhen. it is not far from Futian though.