Sihai Park in Shekou

Compared to the most famous park – Nanshan Mountain Park. The Sihai Park or Universal park, is relatively small, with 135710.39 square meters. Stil Sihai Park is the biggest cultural park in Shekou area. Nanshan Sihai Park was built in 1987. The park is clean and well-organized. Half of the park is covered by water. There are two big lakes and two bridges in Sihai park. People used to fish here, but now it is not allowed. The west lake used to be the boating area with paddleboats in the park, but not any more.

lake and bridge in sihai park  shekou nanshan shenzhen

The rest of the park are mostly trees, grass and walkways. There are two areas in the park with outdoor exercise and sport equipment. They are well-maintained and in generally good condition. On the west end, there is a big grassland which is good for outdoor activities. A sport area with exercise equipment is just nearby. On the east end, there is a litchi groves where many people dancing, singing, playing Poke; a sport area nearby and a sport area for kids. The parking area is at the west gate of the Sihai Park. There are two toilets in the park, one toilet is near the north gate, the other one is at the west gate. The toilets are clean and well-maintained. Also there is a a giant sculpture worth a vist. It is a flaming bull which is 30 meters high.

bull sculpture in sihai park shekou nanshan shenzhen

Sihai Park Address

No33, Industrial Road 7 (No 6, Guanyuan Road), Shekou, Nanshan.
About 2 kilometers up Gongyuan Road from Shekou Sea World. The nearest subway station is Shuiwan on Shekou Line (also known as Metro Line 2). The metro stop is approximately in 20 to 30 minutes walking distance.

Bus lines:No. 224, 232,b700, B816