Shenzhen OCT LOFT Creative Culture Park

We went to the OCT LOFT Shenzhen (Overseas Chinese City Creative Culture Park) this Saturday. Hoping to buy some creative cultural stuff for birthday gift, but found that T-Street Creative Bazaar is not held every weekend in the Overseas Chinese City Creative Culture Park (OCT-LOFT) in Shenzhen. Anyone interested, please keep in mind the T-Street Creative Bazaar is held monthly in the OCT Creative Culture Park, the first weekend of every month.

Shenzhen OCT LOFT

It can sometimes be hard to believe that the United Nations would declare Shenzhen to be a world design city, considering how visual chaos seems to be the norm here. OCT Loft changed my mind, after visiting Shenzhen OCT Loft, I began to realize how Shenzhen is called a design city in the world. The OCT LOFT Shenzhen (Overseas Chinese City Creative Culture Park) is an old factory area turned art-and-design district, tucked away inside the posh, verdant enclave of Overseas Chinese Town.

Shenzhen OCT Creative Culture Park

Artspace/bar Idutang is especially worth visiting, if not for its nightly performances by independent and avant-garde musicians, then for its peaceful outdoor terrace and large drink menu. T-Street Creative Bazaar each month, local designers, vintage collectors and zakka enthusiasts set up stalls in a weekend craft market.┬áNearby, a design bookshop, a few commercial and non-profit galleries, more good bars and a few tasty restaurants round out the attractions. In addition, OCT-LOFT was chosen as a venue for the third Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair, OCT-LOFT was awarded the title of ‘National Demonstration Park of Cultural Industry’ by the Ministry of Culture.

How to go to OCT LOFT Shenzhen (Overseas Chinese City Creative Culture Park)?

This time we took the bus # 113 and got off at the Splendid China, went pass the City Inn from there will take about 10 minutes by foot to get the OCT Loft. Actually, to take the metro is much convenient, metro line 1, Qiaochengdong station (OCT East subway station), take exit A?turn right on Enping Street and walk for around five minutes.