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Four Resort Theme Hotels at Shenzhen OCT East

To find a hotel for your vacation package at Shenzhen East Overseas Chinese Town is a very important part. There are luxury hotels with excellent conditions and surroundings at OCT East Shenzhen like Interlaken OCT Hotel, Otique Aqua Hotel(Interlaken Aqua Boutique Hotel), Interlaken Parkview Hotel ;Hua Xing Mahayana Hotel, Tent Camping at Tea Stream Resort Valley.

Interlaken Hotel Groups are the first theme hotel group nationwide consisting of four theme hotels with more than 600 rooms.

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In the Interlaken Hotel at OCT East Shenzhen, you will marvel at the perfect blending of central European architectural arts with the natural beauty of South China’s lakes, forests, and mountains. 308 guestrooms with absolute luxury and unparalleled elegance have drawn a romantic scene of mountain and lakeside living on this spectacular Interlaken canvas – lake view suites, poolside villas, private townhouses, contemporary Interlaken Residences, and palatial presidential suites.

Huaxing Mahayana Hotel of Shenzhen OCT East, sanctuary of Zen, within the new Huaxing Temple, offers a brand new level of tranquility, elegance, peace and nature for the soul searching being. There are 22 guestrooms with a touch of Zen element, Sutras, Cushion, Meditation, Chanting and more.

Shenzhen OCT East Interlaken Hotel

Freedom and Desire are the right words to describe life in the Interlaken Parkview Hotel of Shenzhen OCT East. A meadowland of 2.5 square kilometers, turquoise lake, mountainous terrain, or other wonderful landscape of the OCT East will likely to dazzle you. Try a motor home holiday, a mobile luxury lifestyle that draws those with a sense of adventure.

Smartly set between the grand waterfall and the giant rock is the palatial Interlaken Aqua Boutique Hotel Of OCT East witch offers 94 guestrooms. Together with the Giant Waterfall and theme park (out-space, tsunami, earth core and others), is the newest hip hotel in the making. It’s bounced to take your breathe away. Beer Factory, themed restaurants, café, wine cellars, theatre ballroom… all under the largest sky-roof display in China. Let your imagination run wild on this amazing journey.

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Two 18-hole golf courses at OCT East Shenzhen

Wind Valley at Shenzhen OCT East includes two 18-hole mountainous golf courses and driving ranges. You may have heard of Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf, but fewer people know the golf courses at OCT East Shenzhen, as they are newer. Highly recommend this posh golf course at OCT East, paradise for golfers in Shenzhen. It takes leisure and fitness,ecological ventures, popular sports, leisure and recreation, Olympic Game Military Sports as the principal line embodying the outdoor tourist culture.

Buddhist Theme Park at OCT East Shenzhen

Huaxing Temple is located at Mount Guanyin Sitting on Lotus of OCT East with the embodiment of the Buddhist tourist culture. It boasts the outdoor gilded Buddha statue with 4 different Guanyin Statues being exclusive in the world. the first local Buddhist culture themed hotel — The Mahayana Oct Boutique Hotel; and the first multimedia chime bell “Heavenly Music” with the Buddhist culture and other fine works.

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Tianlu mansion at Shenzhen OCT East

Tianlu rests amid the vast mountains and sea covering 9 square kilometers at OCT East Shenzhen. In 2008, it was awarded to the “best community of global human residential environment” by the United Union.

Tianlu Mansion surrounded by the grandiose scenes of hills and sea as expansive as 9 square kilometers at the East OCT Shenzhen, the residence is constructed in a scenic area while Theme Parks are also created in the Mansion, which brings off a quality human residential milieu.