Shenzhen Ocean World

Shenzhen Ocean World, also known as Xiaomeisha Sea World or Shenzhen Haiyang Shijie, is an aquatic life park. There are dozens of exhibition halls and theatres with all kinds of marine life, such as sharks,
white whale, walrus, Arctic fox, sea lion, Arctic wolf, polar bear, fur seal, dolphin, acaleph, etc. There will be a series of performances each day, like sea lion comic show, clown diving show, dolphin show, etc.

shenzhen ocean world white whale show
Shenzhen ocean world white whale show

shenzhen ocean world walrus
Shenzhen ocean world walrus

shenzhen ocean world sharks
Shenzhen ocean world sharks

shenzhen ocean world sea fish
Shenzhen ocean world sea fish

shenzhen ocean world ray
Shenzhen ocean world ray

shenzhen ocean world polar bear
Shenzhen ocean world polar bear

shenzhen ocean world performance
Shenzhen ocean world performance

shenzhen ocean world penguin
Shenzhen ocean world penguin

shenzhen ocean world arctic wolf
Shenzhen ocean world arctic wolf

Shenzhen Ocean World Tickets

Shenzhen Ocean World ticket is 150RMB for adult, 50% ticket discount for children and senior just like any other places in China.

How to get to Shenzhen Ocean World?

Currently there is no metro to Xiaomeisha. You can take a taxi or bus from downtown Shenzhen to Ocean World at Xiaomeisha, such as bus line 103、103B、364、380、380B、387, etc. Shenzhen Ocean World is just close to Xiaomeisha beach.
Address in Chinese (地址):广东省深圳市盐田区小梅沙滨海度假区
Shenzhen Ocean World Phone #: 0755-25035555