Shenzhen Nanshan mountain — one of the most popular mountains in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Nanshan mountain, also known as Nanshan Park, is one of the most popular mountains in Shenzhen. It is popular because of its remote and quiet location, its beautiful ocean bay sightseeing, its medium difficulty for people to climb, it is exotic street style and so on.
Shenzhen Nanshan mountain
Of all the Shenzhen mountains, Nanshan could be the first choice for mountaineering to do some exercise while relaxing oneself by being disposed inside the green hill. As one who has been in Shenzhen for more than a decade, Nanshan mountain is always my first choice when I want to climb mountain. This is not only my choice but also choice of many other people living in Shenzhen. There are always many people climbing this mountain on the weekend. From early morning till late dark night , you will never be alone when you are on the mountain. Nanshan mountain is about four hundred meters in height. It altitude is neither very low not very high. Its hillside is neither not flat nor very steep. So it is not easy but also not too difficult to climb, no matter for the young and the old. Thus, if you are on the mountain,you can encounter people in all ages, such as the seventies, young parents carrying their new born babies, three or four years old kids who were really climbing mountain with hands and feet.

Nanshan mountain has excellent sightseeing. As Nanshan is a part of Shekou, it enjoys the beauty of Shekou, including the long costal line, its Shekou Container Terminal and Chiwan Container Ternimal, its remote and silent location and son. At the foot of Nanshan mountain, there are foreigners living nearby. There is also a large group of luxury townhouse where there are also many foreigners living inside. No matter on the halfway up to the hill or reaching to the peak, we can always enjoy the beautiful ocean sight on the foot of Nanshan mountain.

There are three entrances to Nanshan mountain. They are Nanshan park entrance which is the main one of these three, Haiguan entrance (customs entrance ) which is near Shekou Customs, Lilin Park entrance ( litchi park entrance ) which is near Nanshan avenue. Among them, Haiguan entrance leads to the most steep stone stairs and it is the most difficult rout for climbing. Lilin park entrance is the most easy rout because of the well-paved flat road leading forward to the peak. And there is a large parking lots there. The Nanshan park entrance also has a parking lots on the foot of the mountain. And this entrance will lead us to two routs with beautiful ocean sightseeing.
shenzhen nanshan mountain scenery
There are many bus lines to Nanshan mountain, such as K113,K204,K105,E11. Get off at the Haiyang Keji Dasha bus station (ocean technology building station). Walk towards the Shekou port direction and turn right where you can find a seven-eleventh convenient shop. Walk straightly ahead and then turn left when you are at the cross. Walk straightly forward and you will finally and easily find the Nanshan park entrance. Here, your beautiful days begins.