Shenzhen Metro Ticket for Children

I did not realize that children can buy metro ticket in Shenzhen at the half price before. We have some relatives from the hometown stay with us for about a week in Shenzhen. We showed them around the city. During this period we took the subways to some traveling destinations, such as Window of the World, and we found child can actually get metro ticket for half price.
concessionary child ticket in Shenzhen metro

Shenzhen Metro child fare

Passenger can take a child who is no taller than 1.2 meters to take the metro for free at all times in all Metro lines across Shenzhen city. Children who are no taller than 1.4 meters but taller than 1.2 meters need to pay half of the adult fare.

How to buy a concessionary child ticket in Shenzhen?

Those who are entitled to pay metro concessionary child fares may want to know how can they get the ticket? You can not buy the ticket from the automatic ticket machine for now. Currently the only way is to go to the service counter where passengers can charge their Shenzhen traffic card and apply for it with the metro working staff. It will be a one time ticket, it is just a small paper ticket like this:

Shenzhen Metro Ticket for Children

With the metro ticket for children, you can only go into the metro through their special entrance. Alongside the normal entrances via smart traffic cards or coin ticket, there will be a security or other working staff, show them the ticket, they will let you get in through the special entrance. It is the same to get off metro with the concessionary child ticket in Shenzhen.