Shenzhen Dutch Flower Town

Shenzhen Dutch Flower Town (Netherlands flower town, formerly known as Nanshan Flower World) in Nanshan district is a nice place for flower shopping, photography, leisure, fun and more. Dutch Flower Twon is partly a park and partly a market for flowers, pets, rocks, garden supplies and other transaction-based.

shenzhen dutch flower townShenzhen Dutch Flower Town

/>flower shops in shenzhen dutch flower town
Flower shops in Shenzhen Dutch Flower Town

Dutch Flower Town requires no entry fee or ticket. Anyone can go there for free. It is also open 24 hours a day.
The nearest bus station is Xinghai Mingcheng (星海名城站), many buses can take you there, like 42, 201, 223, 324, b623, b688, b699, b702, b813, m364, m370, or m375.
It is not far from the downtown of Nanshan District, you can catch a taxi too.
The nearest metro station is Daxin Station at Luobao Line (metro line #1 of Shenzhen), take B exit, than walk for several minutes to the north.
Address: 3008, Yueliangwan Avenue, Nanshan, Shenzhen
地址: 南山区月亮湾大道3008号