Shenzhen Dongchong Beach — the best surfing place in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Dongchong Beach is your best surfing choice in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Dongchong beach is one of the most popular beaches in Shenzhen. First all of, it is located in the remote village in eastern Shenzhen. It is a small and silent village. Local residences used to go out fishing to make a living. Secondly, there is quite a large area of wetland nearly. Like many other wetlands, there are many kinds of birds and snakes inside. There are also many small islands inside the wetland. Thirdly, the are many family houses near the beach for renting like an inn for people coming here for the holiday. Fourthly, and the most important point is the good wave there for surfing. As the beach is short, there are not many activities developed yet. The best ocean activity there is surfing. Many outdoor sport enthusiasts, no matter young or old, would like to surf here on weekend. Fifthly, the outdoor sport named hiking through Dongchong beach and Xichong beach ends here.
shenzhen dongchong surfing

Dongchong beach, like Xichong beach, is remote and silent. There are not many people living there. So the transportation is not so convenient. However, as a free relaxing Shenzhen scene, there are also bus line taking tourists to Dongchong beach. From Shenzhen downtown area, take bus to Luohu stadium bus station in Luohu district, get on the bus line E11, and get off at the final station named Nan’ao Jiedaoban. Wait for bus line M231 and get off at the final bus station named Dongchong general station. The last round of bus line M231 departs from Dongchong general station at around 17:00. If you do not plan to stay at Dongchong beach overnight, you’d better take care of your time.
Shenzhen Dongchong Beach -- the best surfing place in Shenzhen