Shenzhen Cultural Industry&Cartoon Animation

Shenzhen is a fast-developing new city which has only 30 years so far. The public may think Shenzhen is a city with no culture. You maybe right to some extent, but the cultural industry in Shenzhen is booming.

In fact the cultural industry in Shenzhen has grown quickly to become the fourth pillar of the city after high-tech, logistics and finance industries.

Unlike culture industry elsewhere in China, Shenzhen’s culture industry is closely related with other industries and takes advantage of other industries. For instance, A8 Music Group which is located at Shenzhen High-tech Park provides music songs with high tech creation. A8 digital music group provides music content and service to mobile phone subscribers in the form of ring tones, ring back tone service, and interactive voice response through the wireless network of mobile operators, as well as on the Internet.. One big difference from other regular music providers, A8 Music partially sources its music content from its interactive user-generated content platform. It sells non-music content as well, such as games, wallpapers, entertainment news, stories and jokes.

Shenzhen city is coordinating the culture industry with other industries like internet, new energy, bio-tech industries, etc. Except the above said A8 Music, another example is the Global Digital Media Technologies Research Shenzhen (also known as GDC Shenzhen, Institute of Digital Media Technology, IDMT, or Global Digital Creations). GDC has the largest CG production studio in China, it is one of the largest CG studio even in Asia, with fully integrated Production Pipeline and Quality Control Systems located in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Consisting of 16 production stages, the studio is capable of R&D, planning, and production of 3D animation feature films and TV series.

shenzhen cartoon culture

Shenzhen National Cartoon & Animation Industry Base (SZCAB) which is also known as Shenzhen Yijing National Cartoon and Animation Industry Base is founded at Yee King Road, Luohu district in 2006. SZCAB focuses on cartoon and online game industry. The core of current business model of SZCAB is to create national competitive originality brands by attracting international training center, public technology platform, and domestic original animation enterprises.

China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF), the only nation-standard, international, comprehensive cultural fair of China, is regularly held each year at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This cultural industry fair is very popular with many domestic and international organizations such as venture capitalists, strategic investors in the cultural industries, cultural creative enterprises and manufacturers, and sellers & agents of cultural products.