Replace iPad Battery in Shenzhen Nanshan SEG

My iPad died. It can’t powed on. It does not charge at all. Luckily there are many stores or places in Shenzhen can fix iPhone iPad problems. I just sent the broken iPad to a shop in Nanshan SEG (SEG Electronics Market Shenzhen Nanshan) and got the iPad battery replaced for 200RMB.

replace ipad battery shenzhen nanshan SEG market

SEG Electronics Market Shenzhen Nanshan

Shenzhen Nanshan SEG stocks mostly computers, computer accessories, and electronic-related products.  SEG in Nanshan district has several big electronic repair shops mainly at the 3rd floor. Mobile phone repair services, including iPhone repair, iPad repair shops, are mainly at the first floor.

shenzhen nanshan SEG electronics market

Shenzhen Nanshan SEG Electronics Market Address:

It is located near the intersection of Nanhai Avenue and Xuefu Road, Nanshan district, Shenzhen.