Order a ride for someone using Didi

When you are in China and need car services, you need Didi. It is the most popular and comprehensive one-stop mobile transportation platform in China. You can request rides and pay with your phone with ease. Currently it supports WeChat Pay, Alipay, International credit cards, and several others. Can I request an ride for someone else who is in a different location or even a different city? Yes, here’s how.

Launch Didi on your phone, choose the car or service type, Express, Premier, Taxi, Luxe from the top section. Then manually search and enter the person’s current location in the From field and the Destination in the To field at the bottom section. Once you set the pickup location and destination, you will get a fare estimate. You can go to change another service type now if you want. Now it’s time to enter the passenger’s phone number. Tap the Change Passenger, input the passenger’s name and contact number and confirm. You can now request a car.

order a ride for others - change passenger in didi for mobile

Once a driver accepts the request, he will drive to your specified location to pickup the other person. Generally speaking if you order a premier or Luxe car, the rider and driver should provide better service, they will firstly contact the passenger directly to confirm the pickup location. You can see the driver’s ETA and status updates in Didi during the whole trip. If need, share these information with your friends, family, or the one you order a ride for. As for the payment, you are the one request a ride and you pay for the trip.