OCT East Shenzhen

Introduction to OCT East Shenzhen

Shenzhen East Overseas Chinese Town (Shenzhen OCT East) is the national ecological tourism demonstration district and the international tourism destination located in Da Mei Sha of Shenzhen. It started trial operation on July 28, 2007. It is now one of the best well known tourism destinations in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town East consists of two theme parks, three scenic towns, four resort hotels, two 18-hole golf courses, Hua Xing Temple and Tianlu mansion etc.

The core value of the ecological tourism area OCT Shenzhen is to show the harmony of human and nature. Major projects in Shenzhen OCT East include Ecoventure Velley, Tea Stream Resort Valley, Interlaken Town, Seafield Town, Ancient Tea Town, Huaxing Temple, Interlaken Hotel, Interlaken Mineral Spa, Interlaken Aqua Boutique Hotel, Interlaken Parkview Hotel, Interlaken Youth Inn, Huaxing Mahayana Hotel, Wind Valley Golf Course and Public Golf Course, Tianlu mansion, etc.
Shenzhen OCT East

Two theme parks at Shenzhen OCT East

Ecoventure Valley(also known as the Daxia Valley) is a mixture of suburban hillside park and urban theme park. It uses Forest, Sunshine, Ground, River and Space as the main elements. Ecoventure Valley of OCT East is an ecological park epitomizes the dynamic culture of ecotourism, it has became an innovative combination of natural scenaries, ecological notions, recreational experiences and science education. It includes eight tourist sites with the most popular five zones such as Breakers Lagoon, Rapids Forest, Seafield Village, Adventure Canyon, Peak Highland.

Tea Stream Resort Valley (also known as The Chaxi Valley) is a flower and green world integrating the cultures of west and East. Tea Stream Resort Valley of East Overseas Chinese Town combines the Chinese and the Western tourism cultures. The main factors are Tea, Zen, Flower and Bamboo, etc. This valley includes areas like Interlaken Town, Wetland Garden, Sanzhou Tea Garden, Ancient Tea Town, Interlaken Spa, Water Golf, Roof Removable Tennis Hall, OCT East Theatre.

Three scenic towns at OCT East Shenzhen

The Interlaken Town is a wonderful integration of architecture features in European mountain area and beautiful nature landscape. The Interlaken Town in OCT East Shenzhen incorporates a vast array of concepts and elements such as the style of the Alpine Town of Interlaken in Switzerland, flowers in Sermeter, color painting in Sheffield. This combination creates a vast array of theme districts such as classical forest train, elegant resort hotel, spa center, theater, waterfront golf course and tennis court, etc. This is a mountain town, a world of fairy tales nestled among valleys.

Seafield Village is a town of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town East that takes grape wine (red wine) culture as its theme. Seafield Village is an American style small town. The building based on log and masonry is warm and rustic. Series of bronze sculptures present the whole process from picking grapes to brewing red wine and reveal the amorous feelings of red wine village in Napa Valley in California USA in 19th century. It includes a series of special projects, such as Sky Strip, Seafield Theater, Self-brewing Beer House, Lakeside Food Court, Village Inn etc, thus creating a ravishing homeland dating with red wine.

Ancient Tea Town is a resort as the central part of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town East. This is a place to appreciate tea culture, as well as an elegant site for relaxation. Tourists may indulge in tea meal, tea & pastry, tea & drama, or try the local dish and taste some tea liquor. In this way, you get to know in-deep knowledge of tea & Zen culture. Alternatively you may enjoy the experience in picking tea leaves, tea making and pottery making by you own at the Tea Art House, the Tea & Liquor House and the Pottery Workshop.