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Performance, Adventures and more fun at OCT East Shenzhen

Four Theme Performance in OCT East Shenzhen

“T-show” is a large multimedia symphony sound and picture gala features tea Zen culture theme combining multiple artistic approaches. Its multi-dimensional performance space combination makes compelling audio and video effects and wonderful artistic pictures. The show lasts for as long as 60 minutes, with climaxes one after another as if you are entering a mysterious Zen’s Fairyland which combines human and the Heaven into one Zen’s Fairyland.

Aqua is the one with the origin of life, the interdependence between man and nature as the story line of the sea and air cross-border multi-media fantasy Shueisiou. Water birth of life and humanity, human continuously develop into the industrial revolution, with the unlimited nature of the request, the earth’s original ecological environment along the destruction and pollution, do you want to continue to develop, we must protect nature. The party is to evoke the ecological environmental protection, cherishing life, consciousness.

“Heavenly Music” the use of archaeological finds in the Warring States Period Marquis Yi of Zeng Jing imitation bells as the main musical instruments in order to “Goddess of Mercy praise” as the main musical clues, in the 26 minutes of time for the majority of tourists interpretation of a large-scale, and strong momentum of Buddhism historical and cultural audio-visual effect.

“Teana” depicts mysterious scenery of the original ecological landscape, the original pristine eco-singing, tea hillsides brought greenery, bright and charming tea-picking women, in order to echo the vitality in the form of outlines of nature.

Eco-venture Valley – OCT East Shenzhen

Rapids Forest

Walking through the primitive jungle, you will experience the excitement of return to nature. You will have the most exciting slide on the surface of water experiencing a real adventure.

Sailing Garden

Colorful flower beds and water create unique water garden scenery, with steps winding up with fantastic sceneries making a pleasant mood.

Wild Boardwalk

When you walk up along steps, you will be walking on a bamboo path extending 1000 meters, where you can enjoy the melody of nature.

Waterfall Flume Ride

It is 924 meters long at a drop of 46 meters. There are quite a few diving sections at an angle of 40 degrees so that you can experience an adventurous journey being the longest in the world.

Giant Waterfall

It is the largest seashore waterfall in China, 300 meters in width at a water drop of 42 meters, where you can enjoy a magnificent view.

Breakers Lagoon

Indoor water recreation place covering 7000 square meters, with skateboard surfing and U-shaped slides, air-pressure made waves and drifting rivers, outdoor slides and other water recreation facilities in an overall manner so that you can enjoy yourself to your heart’s content!

Fountain to Music

Changeable styles of fountains and colorful lighting mirror the connotation and themes of music.

Sky Strip at Seafield

Sky Strip is 120 meters long and 12 meters wide, with marvelous scenes of space, the sea and forests in their alternate changes, and surround sounds building vivid acoustics as well as the zealous performances by the band of Heavenly Street, and many other beautiful Theme Parks.

Seafield Theater

It can hold as many as 800 persons, with high resolution LED videos and top computer projected lighting to build a romantic and dreamful space. It is the combination of performance arts, conferences, dinners and activities, KTV rooms and other functions all rolled into one. It is an optimal choice for people in their nightlife.

Passion Seafield in Seafield Theater

It mainly consists of “alien folk customs” to demonstrate folk customs of different nations and countries to tourists in different forms of dance and song performances providing tourists with rich festival atmosphere.

Lakeside Food Court at Seafield

In long corridors along the lake, there are open tea services, along with good wine, delicious diets and beautiful ladies coming and going…

Peak Highland of OCT East Shenzhen

Cloud Bridge at Peak Highland

Overhead long corridors across ridges run along ridges so that you can see sea and mountain views at 360 degrees.

Cliff Booster at Peak Highland

Mountain top Speedy Rotary Wheels being unique in Asia and side arm rotation at 360 degrees to take you amid clouds to combat centrifugal forces and to challenge extreme speeds. Over them, there are screams only.

Thrilling Platform at Peak Highland

Fully transparent glass extends to cliffs, and with your feet at cliffs, clouds seem to be around you. What an exciting moment it is!

Sky Tower at Peak Highland

The peak of the mountain at the height of 110 meters and 480 meters above the sea penetrating into clouds attracting you to enjoy the overall sea and mountain view at 360 degrees.

Moon Memorial at Peak Highland

With the culture of mysterious Ancient Mayas as the background of tales and the reoccurrence of the scenes of the people from Mayas, tourists will be able to understand the culture of Ancient Mayas while enjoying the performance. The last Mayas dance in the performance will get tourists personally involved as an unforgettable experience.

Adventure Canyon at OCT East Shenzhen

Fancy Paradise

Sambatra, Magic Bicycles, Crazy Bus, Overhead Track Bicycles and other entertainment items in the outdoor area make you forget everything. Rotary Horses, Dolphin Jump and Bubble Balls allow children to have more knowledge in the colorful world, to make more friends and to share pleasant moments.

Hydro Generating Cabin

It consists of large hydropower plant packing to narrate the application of green energy by actual views and video approaches.

Earthquake Simulation(Project Phase II)

In the process of visiting the underground monitoring center, an extraordinarily large earthquake suddenly takes place and the tourists will be able to experience the nervous and moment of the extreme danger to life.

4000 Miles to Earth Center

It is the reoccurrence of the Journey to the Center of the Earth, the best seller of Verne, and you could cross the volcano together with Prof. Otto, a famous geologist. Facing the perilous center of the earth and mysterious and mission in danger, are you ready?

Typhoon Rescue

Hurricane Katrina that once attacked New Orleans comes back again. Extraterrestrial beings drive deep in the Earth to save the Earth as a tedious mission…

Roaring Floods

Flood of 2000 cubic meters is pouring down. Blast, gun fights, smoke, sound and light, slides…sweeping sound and light specific effects have formed. That is a magic and mysterious tale of flood.

Tsunami Survival

With video and audio special effects at an angle of 360 degrees plus a motion viewing platform at the free angle at 6 degrees, you will have a nervous and stimulating journey to deep sea experiencing the most exciting

4D Theater

The theatre can hold 200 persons at a time. The film Lost in the Sea allows tourists to undergo an adventurous voyage with a German submarine during the Second World War. The submarine hit by torpedoes fights with marine lives like terrifying ichthyosaurs and giant octopuses in deep sea, and finally crosses the time tunnel and meets triumphantly with Zhen He, who sailed to the Atlantic.

Jungle Kart

The shuttle rails at the length of 800 meters lead you to the tranquil paths making those fond of adventures startled and enjoying to their heart’s content.

Space Journey

By taking an aircraft simulator, you can personally experience the 2G acceleration of gravity in the time of rocket launch. The dome in the diameter of 24 meters vividly reproduces the scenic wonder of the vast universe so that your dream of flying to space appears to come true.


FAQs about how to get to Shenzhen OCT East:

How to get to OCT Shenzhen from Shenzhen airport by bus?
–You can take No. 6 airport express from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport to OCT East.

How to get to OCT Shenzhen from Shekou Ferry terminal by bus?

–You can take J1 from Shekou Ferry terminal to OCT East.

If you take a taxi from Shekou Ferry terminal to OCT East it might cost from RMB 160 to 200. Normally return taxi will not be available, thus you can take J1 instead.

Bus: J1, 360, 364, 380B, 387, 53,103, 239, 242 , 308.

Telephone: 0755-88889888

Address: Dameisha, Yantian District, Shen Zhen City.

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