OCT Bay Fireworks & Water Show

Shenzhen Nanshan OCT Bay is a nice place you can enjoy spectacular water fountain show, light show, music, dancing, Chinese fireworks and acrobatic. Many people may not see it before. The OCT Bay Fireworks & Water Show will be held every night from Tuesday to Sunday. It will start from 8PM and will last for about 40 minutes. (Some people also said it will be held twice each night in October, one starts from 8PM, aother one starts from 9:30PM. ) Currently the subway does not go to this place directly. You may need to take a bus or taxi. It is just opposite to Mangrove with the Binhe road in between them. The show will be performed in a totaly open platform above the lake, very grand. It will be mostly in Chinese, not much, and also with some English songs. The ticket fare is RMB180/person, normally tickets for Children is just half the price, confim with the working staff there at the ticket office if you bring some kids to see the water show in OCT Bay Shenzhen.

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What else to do in Shenzhen OCT Bay?

You can also find a lot of bars in Shenzhen OCT Bay, mostly western styles. Also a lot of foods and restaurants for foreigners, Japanese style, western style, etc. You can also go shopping in Shenzhen OCT Bay, there is a big Ole’ shopping mall there, you can also find more stores for fashon. Seeing a movie in the 3D MAX might also be a good choice. If you walk to the Mangrove, you can enjoy the beautiful sightview, the water, birds, trees, etc. Enjoy the wind from the sea, and Hong Kong is just across the big river.