My first WD Portable Hard Drive

Just got my first WD external hard drive – WD Elements 1 TB, compatible with USB 3.0, USB 2.0. Here is how it looks like.

wd elements external hard-drive

This is the first time I bought WD portable hard drive. The model is assembled in Malaysia, offers 3 years limited warranty. I bought it from The delivery took less than 48 hours. It is very easy to use, just connect it to computer through USB, your computer will install neccessary driver automatically. After that you can directly copy and paste files between PC and the external hard drive. Nothing special compared to other portable hard drive. If you are on Mac, I guess you will need to reformat the portable hard drive before use. It seems to be fast enough for me to copy photos from PC to the external hard drive. It takes around 1 minute or less to copy about 1 GB photos to the hard drive. It is good practise to regularly backup your data from computer to an external hard drive, so in case of data loss, you can restore them. Without a previous backup, you will need to use data recovery tools to recover lost data from hard drive. Files deleted or formatted on external hard drive can be recovered as well.

WD portable hard drive Warranty Check for End User

Just for your information, you can check its warranty online from this link. When you open this page you will need to select your country, then input the Serial Numbers of your WD portable hard drive to check its warranty. The Serial Number can be found at the back of the external hard drive.