Lamma Island of Hong Kong

Lamma Island (南丫島 in traditional Chinese)is the third largest island in Hong Kong. Lantau Island is the biggest island in Hong Kong and Hong Kong island is the second. Lamma Island is located to the southwest of Hong Kong Island. It covers an area of around 14 square kilometers. The tallest mountain in Lamma Island is just 353 metres above sea-level.

lamma island of hong kong

You can reach there easily through ferry from Central (中环 in Chinese) on Hong Kong Island. There are regular ferry services to Yung Shue Wan (榕树湾 in Chinese) and Sok Kwu Wan (索罟湾 in Chinese) in Lamma Island from Central on Hong Kong Island. Right besides the Finance Street you can find many piers in the Victoria Harbour, such as Public Pier, Star Ferry Pier, Lantau Island Pier, Cheung Chau Pier, Discoveery Bay Pier, Park Island Pier. Lamma Island Pier is in the middle of them. You can see One IFC (International Finance Center) and Two IFC, Four Seasons Hotel across the Finance Street in Central. The ticket for the Ferry to Lamma Island costs more than 20 HK dollars. It It takes about 25 minutes by ferry between Yung Shue Wan and Central, about 30 minutes between Sok Kwu Wan and Central. You can choose either Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan as your first stop in Lamma Island. There are no cars on Lamma Island. Since the Island is not very big. You can walk between Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan in about one hour and a half.

lamma island ferry

There are many restaurants in the Lamma Island. You can find all kinds of seafood in these restaurant. Cuisine from western countries, India and many other places or countries can also be found in the Lamma Island. There is a beautiful beach you can swim in the island. There is a power station where many foreigners are working there. From May to November is the best time to go there. If you like to stay over night in the Lamma Island, there are many hotels near the Yung Shue Wan Pier. They are near the Lamma Island Post Office. Lamma has a significant Western and international population. There should be no difficulty to stay in the island for the night for foreigners. A lot of western bars in the island you can go in the night.

lamma island travel map