iPhone stuck in headphone mode

My iPhone is stuck in the headphone mode. When I adjust its volume without a headphone in the jack, it always says “Headphone” other than “Ringer”. I can play music on iPhone, but I can’t hear any sound until I plugin the headphone into iPhone and listen to the music through the headphone. The speakers do not work anymore. I did some research online and found that many other iPhone users have this problem as well. I seems that the problem can be fixed by different ways, such as blowing air into the jack using a hairdryer, cleaning the jack with a toothpick or Q-tip cotton swab, etc. I tried different ways but none of them work.

Since this is still a new phone in its warranty. I contacted Apple by phone, they told me to make an appointment for repair. The phone was purchased from JD.com, a very popular online shopping site in China, not from the Apple Store though. I made a trip to the Apple Store in Shenzhen, the only one in Shenzhen so far, which is located in the Yitian Holiday Plaza, opposite to Window of the World in Shenzhen. The customer service helped me made the appointment online using a computer in the Apple Store. Since there are many people in the queue. I had to wait for about two hours. The support representative from Apple asked me several questions about the problem and told me to sign out of the iCloud account from iPhone, back up the content on iPhone, then reset iPhone to erase all content on it. After that, they replace the iPhone with a brand new one.

apple store in holiday plaza of shenzhen

Some tips for Apple device hardware troubleshooting in China

If you have any hardware problems of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and more and the device is still in warranty, you can firstly make a Genius Bar appointment from Apple official site. You can schedule an appointment online and choose a time convenient for you to make the visit to Apple Store. Before you go to the Apple Store, you may want to back up your iPhone to computer using iTunes, back up iPhone to Flash drive, portable hard drive or else. Make sure you still know the password for your Apple account which you use to back up your iPhone to iCloud. Do not forget to bring your ID card as well. Apple will not ask your invoice or something but the ID card. Again these tips are only for those want plan to get your iOS devices, Mac and more Apple device fixed in an Apple Store of China.