Hurt your employer or your career

A said to B, “I must leave this company. I hate this company!” B suggests, “I definitely agree with you!! The broken company does not deserve excellent efficient staff like you. However it is not the best opportunity for you to quit.”

A asked Why? B said: “If you resign now, company’s loss is not very big. You can make the most of the time in the company, to build sound relationship with clients as many as possible. So when you are ready to leave, just bring with you the existing customers. In this way, you can cause a heavy loss to the company.”

A thought it was a great idea. After that he became very diligent, after more than a half year, he had many faithful customers.

One day, A met B again. B asks A, “It is the best opportunity to move on now!” However A said indifferently with a smile, “The general manager had talked to me, they are going to promote me to assistant general manager. I am happy with this, and I do not have any plan to leave for now.”