Hengshan Mountain in Hunan

In China we have Wuyue which refers to the?five famous mountains in China.??Mt. Hengshan is one of the five famous mountains. It?is located in Hengyang City in Hunan Province. Hengshan?is also known as Nanyue, meaning the South Mountain. It has eminent mountain peaks and wonderful mountain scenery.

The 72 Peaks of Hengshan mountain

Hengshan mountain consists of 72 peaks, among which the first mountain peak you will see when touring is Huiyan Peak. Going further toward the north, you will feast your eyes on all the graceful scenery. There are various kinds of precious trees and a vast area of primeval forest. Many trees here are very old. Some are 300 – 400 years old that will still bloom in spring. Some trees are even over 1,000 years old. The trees in the primeval forest are bending with lichen growing on the trunks, resembling old men wearing tattered clothes. From the mountain peaks, you can see the grand view of sunrise, the rolling cloud and the oceans of trees. There magnificent views are called ‘four oceans’ on Mt. Hengshan: ocean of flowers, ocean of trees, ocean of cloud and ocean of snow.

Hengshan Mountain Hunan Travel

Visitor Review of Hengshan mountain

There are just so many great sceneries in Hengshan. People summarize the top eight spectacles here as ‘the eight marvels in Hengshan mountain’. They are the height of the Zhurong Peak, the grace of the Sutra Collection Hall, the profundity of Fangguang Temple, the quietness of Mojingtai, the magic of the Shuilian Cave, the antiquity of Dayu Stele, the majesty of the Nanyue Temple and the steepness of Huixian Bridge. Zhurong Peak is the highest mountain peak of this scenic area. Sutra Collection Hall is located deep in the glen and is surrounded by towering trees. The running spring and flying birds make this place very peaceful and leisurely. Huixian Bridge is in fact a bridge on a big stone. It is narrow and dangerous, and few people are brave enough to go over it. On my visit to Hengshan, I happened to see two guys climbed up the huge stone, sitting and chatting on it. It is dangerous, yes and cool as many people call it. If you ever seen a movie Mission Impossible 2, you will see how cool Tom Cruise is when he is climbing the huge rocks.

A place for religion – Hengshan mountain

This scenic area is also a well known and hallowed Buddhist ground. It has abundant temples including nunneries and Taoist temples. The most notable one is Nanyue Damiao, the largest temple in Wuyue. This Nanyue big temple is located at the foot of the mountain.?It was originally built in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), but was destroyed by fire. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it was renovated imitating the design of the Forbidden City.

National Wide reputation – Hengshan mountain

National reputations were gained at this scenic area in Hunan: a particular religious hallowed ground and a marvelous scenic locale for both summering and touring. People from all over the country come to Hengshan in Hunan to appreciate its wonderful landscape and scenery. Here you can watch blooming flowers in spring, prevent sunstroke in summer, watch sunrises in autumn and enjoy the beautiful prospect of snow in winter. If you are traveling in China or going to travel in China, do not miss the wonderful trip to Hengshan mountain.

Transportation: There are many buses go to the Hengyang mountain from Hengyang Central Coach Station in the Hengyang city downtown area. It takes about 40 minutes on the way. The ticket for the coach is 15 RMB (current rate in 2012).