How to Get to Shenzhen from Hongkong Airport?

There are different ways to travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. There is no such Best way to way to travel from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen, the route suits you is the best for you. Bellow are just some of the routes available for your choice.

HK Airport—Shekou by Ferry

This is the best way to come to Shenzhen from HK Airport, if you can make to the Ferry Counter inside the Airport 1 Hour before the last ferry, namely by 8:30 PM. There are signs all over the place inside the Airport showing you how to get to the Ferry Transfer Desk after you arrive at the airport. It is located just before the immigration processing area as well as before the luggage pickup area. Taking the ferry to Shenzhen will by-pass entering Hong Kong altogether from the immigration point of view and the ferry will take you from the airport directly into China via the ferry port called Shekou in Shenzhen. After you purchase the ticket, you can give them the tags of your checked luggage and they will transfer them for you onto the ferry.

After you arrive in Shekou, pick up your checked luggage and do the immigration and custom processes. Then, go outside to take a taxi to your hotel. Please go to take a public taxi with taxi sign marked on the car.

Last Ferry—-Shekou to HK 20:15; HK- to Shekou 21:30
Duration——-About 40 mins
Tel—————0755- 26691213

HK Airport—Huanggang by Shuttle Bus

To cross the border by shuttle, one needs to get through the immigration process of entering Hong Kong and pick up you checked luggage. You then come out of the airport control area into the arrival hall. Ask information desk where to buy the shuttle tickets for Huangang crossing into Shenzhen. Although the border is opened 24 hours, the shuttle only available till 10:00PM.

After you get onto the shuttle and get to the border, you need to get off and walk with all your luggage across the border and do the immigration process for entering China. After getting into Shenzhen, ask for where the formal taxi waiting area is and get a taxi to take you to your hotel. Please note that there are many illegal taxi services trying to get your business as you come out of the immigration office. You should not go with them. Rather, go over a cross-over walkway to the legal taxi waiting area and take the legal taxi (a legal taxi has the taxi sign on the car and lights on the car’s roof top. Please ask people if you are not sure).
• Airport shuttle bus — HK airport to Huanggang port of entry),
• Last shuttle ————-10 pm (HK China Travel)
• Cost———————–About HK$150,
• Duration——————About 1.5 hour

HK Airport —-LuoHu

(6:30am -12am)

Do not recommend this route for non-native travelers.
Airport shuttle bus A43 —- (HK airport—Shangshui),—-Walk about 200m, switch to
MTR/KCR (Shangshui-Luohu)
Last shuttle————- 24:00 and 23:43(MTO from shangshui)
Cost———————–About HK$50,
Duration——————About 1.5-2 hour
Tel————————–0755- 82347312

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  1. Deepak Vellalath says:

    I am travelling to Shenzen Convention & Exhibition Centre on August 17th and my flight is landing in Hong Kong Airport at 10:00 PM on 17th. Both the options mentioned above is not operating after 10:00 PM, so what do you recommend ?