Famous Chinese Old Sayings in English

Ancient Chinese proverbs, sayings and idioms are VERY interesting.Here I collect some famous Chinese old sayings that are translated into English to share with those who are interested in it.

Ancient Chinese proverbs, sayings and idioms

Sincere words are not flowery. Flowery words are not sincere.

If you do not know, and know you don’t, it is good. If you don’t know but believe you do, it is bad.

He who knows is not talkative. He who is talkative does not know.

He who makes promises easily will lose credibility.

In dealing with difficulties, tackle easier ones first. In striving for great goals, start with small tasks first.

Solve problems when they are manageable. Nip trouble in the bud.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.

The closer you get to the completion of your work, the more likely you will meet with failure.