Europe Town Shenzhen

What is Europe Town of Shenzhen?

In Nanshen district of Shenzhen, there is a “Europe Town” or “Europe  City” or “European city”. Guess it could be some foreign areas in Shenzhen like Shekou, Coco park, Citic city plaza, but it is not. Compared to other shopping or living areas it has its own uniqueness.

How to get to the European City?

There is shuttle bus from Window of the World to European city which is sponsored and managed by IKEA. This European community is just 15 minutes away from Window of the World by bus.

Why went to European City and Ikea?

We want to purchase some furnitures and IKEA in European City was recommended by some Austrilian friends in Shenzhen.

How is IKEA in Shenzhen?

Ikea Shenzhen is quite big, it has two floors of shopping area, another floor for parking. There are a lot of choices cater for consumers with different needs, both for Chinese and foreigners. Not all of them are expensive, some articles are for everybody.

Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish Ikea boss, is said to be Switzerland’s richest man, Born – Sweden Lives – Switzerland.  He is a eccentric billionaire, notorious for his preference for second-class travel and discount shopping. “Why do I take cheap air trips? Take second-class train rides? How the hell can I ask people who work for me to travel cheaply if I am travelling in luxury? It’s a question of good leadership.” he said once.

any Other big shops in European City of Shenzhen?

In this European Community, there are also:
A: B&Q, the world’s third-largest retailer of home improvement materials.  This one in Shenzhen Europe City is its sixth Shenzhen store. B&Q’s U.K-based parent Kingfisher Group, has opened more than 700 B&Q stores around the world. Their Shenzhen Europe City store is the 65th store of B&Q China.

B: French sporting goods retailer Decathlon;

C: German supermarket Metro;

D: Chinese furniture retailer Kinhom

E: Chinese electrical appliance retail chain Sundan;

What else can you do in European City except shopping?

The big park nearby is also recommended. There are sports courts for basketball, tennis, badminton etc.
But what a lot of people can enjoy is flying kites. It has huge open grass square.

Ikea Shenzhen

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  1. joseina says:

    I love there, shopping ,enjoying the cheap icecream,flying kite on the top of the mountain,being blew by the non-stop tender wind…