Enjoy Chaozhou cuisines in Shenzhen

Like any other immigrant cities, Shenzhen has the diverse cuisines that arrive with their guest workers.

Chaozhou is a coastal county well known for its hard-working, frugal businessmen and entrepreneurs. Chaozhou dishes are also very famous. Chaozhou cuisine is an essential part of Shenzhen food. In Futian New Village, there is a tiny street that has a whole row of Chaozhou restaurants. It is not a famous place in Shenzhen, only real Shenzhen natives patronize.

eat Chaozhou food in Shenzhen

There are several restaurants in the cluster, such as the Jieyang Zhong Ji Restaurant. Recommended food are Pig Tripe Pepper Soup, Cold Crab, Chaozhou Braised Meat Platter, Stir-fried Morning Glory.

Enjoy Chaozhou cuisines in Shenzhen at Jieyang Zhong Ji Restaurant

Address: 2 Chaoshan Xiaochi Jie (Street), off Fuhua Lu (Road) and Huanggang Lu (Road), Futian New Village, Futian district, Shenzhen.

Telephone: 0755-8252-6909

Average cost per person: 80-100 yuan.