Dapeng Geopark Shenzhen

Dapeng Geopark Shenzhen

We went to Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula Geopark last sunday. It is very far from the downtown. We started from Nanshan district at around 1 pm, by the time we arrived at the Dapeng Geo Park it was around 3:30pm. There was one bus line you can take to get to Dapeng Peninsula Geopark M423. You can get on the bus from Dapeng Town or Nan’ao. Based on our experience, it is very long waiting for the bus. We tried to wait for more than half an hour, then gave up. We took a taxi instead.

There is a Geological Museum at the root of the mountains. You should see it at the entrance. This Geological museum at Dapeng Geological Park occupies about 5406 square meters. It is designed for exhibition and education. You can see all kinds of samples including some rare plants, strange stones, volcanos, fossils, etc. The museum is open between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday.

The main peak is named Qiniang Mountain which is 869.7 meters high. It is the second tallest mountain in Shenzhen. The highest mountain is the Wutong Mountain. There other several other mountains and peaks though, you do not have enough time to climb all those mountains in a single day. The Qiniang mountain alone takes you about 4 hours to and from its top. Start early if you plan to travel to this huge tourism site in Shenzhen. It is closing at 4PM. You will not allowed in if you arrive after 4 PM.

We had no time to reach to the moutain top this time. Will schedule another visit to the famous national geo park in Dapeng in late June or probably July.

Dapeng Geopark Shenzhen
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