Dafen Oil Painting Village

Dafen Oil Painting Village is one of the top attractions for your Shenzhen travel. Its name says it all, this is a place for art, you can go there shopping for oil paintings with very low cost, both originals and replicas.

Our Visit to Dafen Oil Painting Village

Dafen Oil Painting Village is a excellent place to spend a morning or afternoon at weekends. I went there couple of times. In this afternoon, we visited Dafen Oil Painting Village again. If you like art or painting or just something to make your house more beautiful, you should like this place as I do.
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Dafen Oil Painting Village covers an area of 4 sq. km, houses more than 800 replica galleries, and employs more than 10,000 painters. We spent a beautiful afternoon in this Artistic Village. There are a lot of painting workshops with beautiful pictures and great artists of all the genders and styles. You can easily access to all kinds of paintings for living rooms, bedroom or offices, for the senior, adult or kids. Most of them are affordable. You can buy oil paintings with or without frames. There are many frame shops selling just the frames. We were not looking for something fancy, did want to spend much on the oil paintings. We got several small cheap oil painting for around six dollars each.

If you want to go to Dafen Oil Painting Village, you can take the subway. Taking the metro is easy to get there, take the Metro Longgang Line to Dafen Station, take the A exit, then walk to the south direction for just several minutes. You will see a Wal-mart shopping mall on your way. There are also many buses passing by, you can take bus No. 300路区间, 306, 371, 371区, 376, 379, 383, 822, 836, b665, e2, k359, m309 to Dafen Oil Painting Village.

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More about Dafen Oil Painting Village

Dafen is a village of Buji town in Longgang district of Shenzhen city. It is most famous for its oil painting industry. Dafen Oil Painting Village was first well known as a place in making of large numbers of replicas of oil paintings by masters such as Van Gogh, Dalí, da Vinci, etc. These replicas were sold in many countries for relatively low prices. Currently, Dafen Oil Painting Village sells both originals and replicas.

Dafen Oil Painting Village Traveling & Shopping Advices from tripadvisor.com

“Go down the alleyways, rather than staying on the main roads. ”

“I learn painting in my spare time. This interesting place is our paradise to buy painting materials. It definitely cheaper than in Hong Kong. However, Dafen is actually famous for its mass production of imitations of famous painting. You can see the art workers doing their copying job just outside or inside lots of small shop. Every worker is so busy! Just go ahead to bargain a good price if you want to buy these imitated paintings as a gift to your friend or as decoration at your home. Enjoy the feel of painting factory!”

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“A good place to spend half a day. We bought an oil painting and regret buying too few. Should have buy more because its really cheap.”

Dafen Oil Painting Village and Shenzhen Art & Culture

Many people think that Shenzhen is not a city with profound culture. When people talking about Shenzhen culture, many people will think about Shenzhen libraries, Shenzhen book city, Shenzhen music hall, etc. For travelers in Shenzhen, they may first consider the China Folk Culture Villages in Shenzhen as it is a large-scale cultural tourist resort in Shenzhen and the first of its kind to gather together China’s diverse ethnic folk art, customs and much more. But things are changing very fast. Shenzhen is on its way to build a city with creative and culture. In recent years, we find a lot of new cultural sites and events now in Shenzhen. Founded in 2006, Shenzhen National Cartoon & Animation Industry Base (SZCAB) is one of the state-level animation bases certificated by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television. Check out more about Shenzhen Cultural Industry & Cartoon Animation (http://www.szcchina.com/blog/shenzhen-cultural-industrycartoon-animation.html). The city of Shenzhen was appointed as a UNESCO City of Design in November 2008. And now we have the worldwide reputable Dafen Oil Painting Village in. Shenzhen.

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