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Da Peng Old Fortress Shenzhen

In Shenzhen, except for Big Meisha and Small Meisha, There are also many other seashores you can go for relaxing. One of them is Jiao Chang Wei seashore.

Maybe Jiao Chang Wei seashore is rather rare heard due to its far away location from the city center. Maybe you have no idea where it is. However, you must have heard about Da Peng Old Fortress. Yes, they are in Long Gang District, in the northeastern of Shenzhen. Jiao chang Wei seashore is near by Da peng old fortress, and it is about five munites walk from Dapeng old fortress to Jiaochangwei Seashore.

Da Peng Old Fortress Shenzhen

If you have heard of Jiaochang wei Seahore, you must have been told that it is the last piece of pure and unpulluted area in Shenzhen. For this reason, many people dream to be there. In recent years, there is an increasing amount of visitors and businessmen going there, making this quite place more and more crowded. That means, you can enjoy a well developed tour there.

Firstly, the transportation is well designed by our government. If you live in the city center, you can take bus to the bus station LUOHU STADIUM. There you can take bus E11 , and then get off at DAPENG bus station. Wait right there for the bus B756, and then get off at the Dapeng Old Fortress bus station. Walk straight forward and then turn left when you are at the crossing between Pengfei Road and South Gate east Road. And you will see the Dapeng Old Fortress
confronts you. You only need to walk about 250 meters.

Da Peng Old City Shenzhen

After visiting Dapeng Old Fortress, you can walk to the Jiao Chang wei seashore. It is about 500 meters away. At the Da peng old fortess bus station, you can walk toward east along Pengfei Road, and then turn left at the crossing between Pengfei Road and Jiao chang wei Road. After about 400 meters’ walking, you can see the seashore right there in front of you.

If you want to stay there overnight, you can book the local farmer’s house on the internet first. There are many family style hotels nearby, and it is about RMB 300 per


  1. a lot of bus lines can reach Luohu Stadium, like No. 103B, 103, 111, 113, 27, 202, 205, 214, 218, 238, 308, 311, 333, 336, 363, 382, 387, 57, 65, 85, B621, B704, E11, E12, E13, H92, J1, K113, M207, M290, M362, M364, N15, etc.

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