Cruise Inn Hotel Shekou

Cruise Inn Hotel Shekou

The Cruise Inn Hotel is located in the middle of Sea World , right besides the Shekou Square. Cruise Inn Hotel is inside the Minghua cruise ship. This is an old cruise ship landlocked, set in concrete.

The Cruise Inn in Shekou Nanshan is surrounded by numerous international restaurants and bars. We know that the famous international bar street at Shekou Sea World is there. The Sea World at Shekou is a great place for visitors who can have easy access to western food.

The Cruise Inn Hotel Shenzhen is near to Shekou Port and is about 40 minutes drive the main bustling business and shopping venues of Luo Hu. The unique, modern Chinese and art decor Cruise Inn Hotel Shenzhen features well decorated rooms and is ideal for those looking to stay somewhere out of the ordinary and different.

Cruise Inn Hotel Shekou

Cruise Innhas 111 diverse luxurious guestrooms, equipped with small and medium-sized conference room, business center, lobby lounge and administrative bar. The hotel adopts a unique, exquisite design with the theme of ocean, making guests feel like entering a underwater world and be refreshed with natural scenery. In each rest area of every floor is equipped with automatic ice-making machine and coffee machine that offer personalized service to guests around the clock.

Loewenburg, the Germany Beer Western restaurant, is on the sixth floor of the Cruise. Pork knuckle and sausage with German flavor is bound to make you hard to forget. There are other restaurants with different dishes at the Cruise Inn Hotel as well. Other than dining inside the Minghua cruise ship, you can have a variety of choices in the Shekou international bar street and the Sea World Plaza area.

Cruise Inn Hotel Sea world Nanshan

How to get to Cruise Inn Hotel Shekou?

Cruise Inn Hotel is in Sea World, TaiZi Road, Shekou, Nanshan, ShenZhen. The nearest metro station is Sea World on Shekou Line.