Chinese Old Man Detained for Posting Rumors on Foreign Website

China has the world’s largest population of internet users and authorities seek to keep close control on the country’s hugely popular weibo microblog sites and other forums.

Under regulations announced in September 2013, Chinese Internet users face three years in prison for writing defamatory messages that are reposted 500 or more times. Web users can also be jailed if offending posts are viewed more than 5,000 times.


A BEIJING resident was detained for posting false information on a foreign website to for payment, seriously harming China’s national reputation, police said yesterday.

Xiang Nanfu, 62, has published several false stories on the Chinese news website “Boxun” since 2009. Among the rumors that Xiang is alleged to have created is that the Chinese Government “removed” organs from living people and “buried people alive,” according to a statement posted on the Beijing police’s website.

Police said Xiang’s actions were instigated by a man surnamed Wei who was in charge of the website and who alledgedly paid Xiang with U.S. dollars to carry out the actions.

They added that the false information has seriously misled the public and Internet users, denigrating the image of the State. Police put Xiang in custody May 3. He has confessed to his crimes and repented, police said.

(source: SZ news)