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shenzhen ocean world white whale show

Shenzhen Ocean World

Shenzhen Ocean World (Xiaomeisha Sea World): Introduction, reviews, tickets, location, photo gallery.

Dapeng Geopark Shenzhen Picture 08

Dapeng Geopark Shenzhen

Dapeng Geopark Shenzhen We went to Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula Geopark last sunday. It is very far from the downtown. We started from Nanshan district at around 1 pm, by the time we arrived at...

On the Way to Dapeng – Video

Going to the beach in Dapeng. Shot the video on the way. You should see this place on your way to Dongchong, Xichong, Yangmeikeng and other beaches in Shenzhen. Enjoy Shenzhen’s beautiful view of...