Buy Door Stop in Shenzhen

It seems to be something very common. However my experience of searching for door stop was hard. I would make one by myself if I was in my hometown as you can simply chop some wood to make a door stop other than buying a plastic one in the city. Many stores and shops do not sell this, maybe few people or family need it? I doubted. Just as everything in China, when you cannot find something in real stores, get online, go Taobao, you will find anything you would ever need. You can even buy guns, poison, other illegal stuff or services in China from the mighty internet. Well, it is off topic. Finally I found door stop in both Ikea and Carrefour.
door stop

Door stops can be used for different purposes. If you are fed up of doors slaming or not having enough hands to open to door, you should get one. If you have kids who might be hurt by the doors, you should definitely get door stops.