Agents Not Being Honest Shenzhen

Agents Not Being Honest Shenzhen

I was looking for a new apartment in Shenzhen. The current apartment is a bit small. I firstly searched online, and find some of the housing agents have good price advertised on websites, but when I contact the agent for the details, they said the prices on the websites is not real, they are advertised lower then the actual price in the market. They claimed that they were doing this because they want to get your calls, they meant to know their clients’ inquiries and needs so they are able to help.

Also this seems to be the ‘normal’ with different real estate agents and companies in the current market as I tried on several different agents from different companies, they all said the prices online is advertise lower just for more phone call and contacts from their potential customers.

Shenzhen real estate agents

Isn’t it dishonest? I asked myself.

It is not easy to hunt a good apartment in Shenzhen. We walked to different blocks and streets. Almost all real estate agents have advertising board on their doors, you can find the basic description of the houses, like the name of the building, size, prices, on sale or rental, and so on. Unfortunately when you ask them about the apartments listed on the ads board, they will tell you the prices are old and the advertised apartments are no longer available, they just have not updated the information.

Is this normal in your city or country except Shenzhen or China? Do you think the real estate agents being dishonest? Do you think it could be a deal breaker?

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