Walter Hotel Changping

Walter Hotel is a 4 star business resort hotel in Changping Dongguan, which is funded and developed by Walter hotel Ltd. It serves in a variety of fields, such as accommodation, catering, entertainment, leisure, business and conference.

Walter Hotel is located in the most developed zone of Changping town, several minutes by car from the Dongguan railway station, and about 40 minutes from Shenzhen Bao’an airport. There are express buses to Shenzhen Huanggang custom checkpoint, HongKong downtown area and HK airport (ticket center is in the lobby of the Walter hotel).

walter hotel changping dongguan

Walter Hotel Western Restaurant

Western Restaurant located on the first floor of the Walter Hotel with a grand dinning hall and separate dinning rooms luxuriously decorated in Japanese style. The restaurant is well equipped with two computers with broad band internet access at the convenience of our customers’ need. It provides food, like exquisite snacks, steaks, noodles and special soup, etc. Abundant Buffet breakfast is on service during breakfast time and delicate buffet Dinner during Friday and Saturday afternoon.

Walter Hotel Leisure center

The Health and Leisure center is located on the fourth floor of the Walter Hotel. Well equipped with modern facilities, it provides a wide range of service, such as massage bathtub, saunas, steam bath and personal body care and massage. There are two types of Massage, Chinese and Thai. Staff of the health and leisure center is trained by skilled massage masters and is qualified through strict examination. Walter health and leisure center provides our customers with first class service in a nice environment.

Walter hotel massage center

Opening hours: 12:00am- 2:00am
Booking line: 3399, 3666

1. VIP room (before 19:00)
90 min 198 rmb
45 min 98 rmb

2. VIP room (after 19:00)
90 min 198 rmb
45 min 98 rmb

3. Miscellaneous cost
Chinese massage: 90min 238 rmb (every extra 45 min charges 98 rmb)

Walter hotel Foot massage

Foot massage center is located on the first floor of Walter Hotel. It is equipped with modern facilities and furnished in a luxurious fashion. The foot massage skill is supreme. The staff are trained by professional foot massage masters and selected through a strict process. The choices are various, such as pure Chinese traditional medicine foot massage, salt foot massage and icy foot massage.

Type Service minutes Extra minutes
Foot massage(Chinese) 50rmb/80min 48rmb/60min
Foot massage(Thai) 58rmb/60min 58rmb/60min
Nail manicure 20rmb Scraping Therapy 20rmb Cupping 20rmb
Foot pedicure 20rmb Ear Cleaning 20rmb

Walter Hotel KTV

Galaxy karaoke is located on the third (D) floor of Walter Hotel. KTV is designed by a British MLD designer. It is furnished with imported wallpaper, tiles, marble tables and genuine leather sofa. All the indoor material is fire proof. There are total 58 KVT rooms. Each of these goes with its own bathroom. There is a music bar in the hall for your leisure enjoyment.

Room type Minimum capacity
small 380rmb~680rmb 6~8 persons
Medium 780 rmb~1080 rmb 10~126persons
Large 1280 rmb~1680 rmb 12~26 persons
Deluxe (galaxy room) 3280 rmb 30~40 persons

Walter hotel rooms

Walter Hotel Sauna Dongguan Changping

Walter hotel is a popular sauna hotel in Changping Dongguan. When you ask for sauna service, they will bring you to a room fast and than you will get a lineup of sexy Chinese girls for selection. Here the price will be different categories for different girls. Generally the massage girls will have a label somewhere on their uniform read A, B or C. Ask the manager if you want to know the price difference. After you select your girls, the girl will go with you to your massage room.

Sauna Rate:
(Room is included in the girls price. )

RMB 450,- for a low category girl for 120 minutes
RMB 600,- for a medium category girl for 120 minutes
RMB 800,- for a high category girl for 120 minutes

Walter Hotel Changping Contact

Address : No.3, Changping Road, Dongguan Ctiy, Guangdong Province
Telephone : +86 – 769 – 83758888