The Flower City Guangzhou

The climate of Guangzhou is pleasant, evergreen all the year round. The climate is very good for flowers as its biological factor brings abundant rainfall to Guangzhou. Guangzhou people love flowers. The city is famous for flowers, thus Guangzhou is praised as “The Flower City”.

Guangzhou was well known as the flower city in ancient China. In Xihan dynasty, the officer Lujia was sent to Nanyue Kingdom where he found people in Lingnan (South of the Nanling Mountain area) love planting, arranging and wearing flowers, at the same time putting flowers all over their house.

There is an annual event the Guangzhou local people would go the the Flower Market to purchase all kinds of flowers at the eve of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year Holiday). The flower market are actually the streets that are designated by the authority for this event. The streets would be filled with flowers and kiosks where people can buy flowers. Many parks in Guangzhou also hold the flower show during these days.

The city flower of Guangzhou Kapok Flower

The city flower of Guangzhou — Kapok Flower

The city flower of Guangzhou is kapok flower. The kapok is actually a kind of tree. They can grow very high. It is said the highest one can reach seven floors of height. It is amazing that kapok tree does not have a slice of green leaves while blooming in spring. After all red kapok flower drop, the bare branches begin to bud.