Pure Heart

Min Sun lost his mother when he is very young. His father remarried after his wife’s death. At the first beginning, the step mother treated Min Sun very well. However when the stepmother gave birth to her own sons, she became mean to Min Sun. She would treat Min Sun and her own sons differently. When she was making clothes, she used cotton to pad the coasts for her own sons, reeds for Min Sun’s coats secretly. Min Sun’s father was a strict father, however he loves Min Sun very much.

One day, they were going out by riding. It was so cold, the coat made of reeds could not keep warm. Min Sun was shivering badly, he could not hold the reins steadily. His father was angry and whipped him. Accidentally he saw the reeds from Min Sun’s clothes and realized what the stepmother did. The father was enraged, he scolded the stepmother and threatened to abandon her. But Min Sun stepped forward at this moment and pleaded his father not to let the stepmother go. He said, “If my stepmother stays, there would be only one child suffer from cold, however if she leave, all the three children would suffer.”