Nokia Plant Workers Protest in Dongguan

“We are not commodity, nor assets or slaves, please do no sell us out. We are human with dignity and human rights.” This is the slogan held by hundreds of workers on Wednesday outside a Nokia factory in Dongguan city to protest against what they called unfair compensation after the company sold its mobile telephone business to Microsoft Corp earlier this year.

Workers massed outside the factory in Dongguan, said they were battling new contracts worsening employment terms that they had been forced to sign after the US firm bought Nokia’s unit in a September deal.

Nokia plant workers protest in Dongguan

Nokia employees claimed that they have not been treated equally with other Nokia workers in other countries such as those from Nokia Vietnam. Nokia is continuing to talk to the protesters, Nokia said they will treat all global workers equally.

“Our manufacturing operations in Dongguan continue,” it said. “To accommodate the temporary situation, we have also adjusted our operations in other manufacturing facilities.”

The situation of those workers in Nokia Beijing plant may be even worse. As about 80% of the Beijing workers are temperary workers. They have less and less work now. In October 2013, they had worked for merely 8 days, with a minimum salary as low as 1460 monthly. These workers have no other guarantee or compensation.