Guangzhou Huangpu Military Academy

Guangzhou Huangpu Military Academy is located on Changzhou Island. Huangpu Military Academy was a new-typed school for the revolutionary military officers. It was set up in 1924 by Sun Yat-sen with assistance from the Soviet Union and the Communist Party of China, taking ‘Create the revolutionary army to save the periling China’ as its philosophy and ‘Love and Good Faith’ as its directive. It moved to Nanjjing in 1930. The school’s major building on the original site was destroyed by the Japanese air bombing in 1938, and the rest were seriously damaged. After the founding of the People’s Republic, the original site was put under protection and repaired for several times with government loans.

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Guangzhou Huangpu Military Academy was announced as a key historical relic protected by the state by the State Council in 1988. And the school board building of the academy was rebuilt in 1996, with an area of 10,600 sq. meters. At present, the restored buildings that are open to the public are: the front gate of the academy, the school board building, Premiere Sun Monument and his memorial chamber, the club, the swimming pool, cemetery of the martyrs died in the Eastern Expedition, Monument to the Northern Expedition, Jishen Park, Jiaosi Pavilion and so on, totaling over a dozen. Held there were exhibitions like History of the Military Academy, Historical Relics of the Eastern Expedition and the Sun Yat-sen’s Revolutionary Activities in Guangdong (photo and picture exhibition).

The military training camp for teenagers has been set up for military training. It has a rich collection of historical relics, written works and pictures for earnest scientific research. Publications include works, essays and other information, such as Huangpu Military Academy, Historical Information of Huangpu Military Academy and the like, totaling up to one million words, with certain social influence.

Museum of Huangpu Military Academy Useful Information:

Exhibition: Principal campus of Huangpu Military Academy, memorial room for Sun Yat-sen, monument to Sun Yat-sen, club, swimming pool, cemetery of soldiers killed in Eastern Expedition, Baihegang fort, and history of Huangpu Military academy.
Address: Changzhou Island, Huangpu Distric, Guangzhou
Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00; closely on Mondays
Admission: RMB 15
Tel: 82203564; (8620) 82201082

Huangpu Military Academy Transportation:

Take Bus No. 517, 261, 882, 292, 43 or 50 and get off at the Yuzhu Wharf or take Bus No. 262 or 137 and get off at the Xinzhou Wharf and then take the ferry and get off at the Changzhou Wharf.
Travelers can take buses 43, 210, 227, and 292 at Tianhe bus station and get off at the Yuxie Hill bus stop; or take ferry buses at the South Mansion station and get off at the Yuzhu Dock and then transfer to a ferry which charges RMB 1 yuan per person.