Guangzhou Huanghuagang Park

Guangzhou is a city with profound history in China. Guangzhou Huanghuagang Park is one of the most historical theme park in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Huanghuagang Park is one of the theme parks with ample historical events.The other obvious feature is the flowing water which has closely and creatively connected with historical relic and gets a special atmosphere compared with common waterfall Garden.

Other than the Martyrs’ Tomb in Guangzhou Huanghuagang Park, there are other revolutionary forerunners’ tombs in the park. The Guangzhou Huanghuagang Park contains Huanghua Well, Huanghua Pavilion, Silent Pond, Square Pond, Octagonal Pavilion, Huanghua gardens, tennis courts and other scenic spots and activities services.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen was the leader of Tongmenghui, a revolutionary Organization in Qing Dynasty. On April 27,1911(March 29, Lunar year Xinhai), Tongmenghui launched an uprising to overthrow the federal Qing dynasty. The uprising was to build a new democratic country, but unfortunately they failed. Seventy-two martyrs were found and buried here in the Huanghua Hillock. The cemetery was begun in 1912 and finished in 1921. (It was later determined that there were 86 martyrs, including 30 who were overseas Chinese.)

Behind the Martyrs’ Tomb is a memorial wall made of stones. On the top stands the Statue of Liberty, symbolizing the martyrs’ noble spirit of fighting for freedom and democracy. Along the south path dozens of stone tablets are inscribed with epitaphs such as “Soul of Freedom” “Immortal Spirit”. Two stone dragon pillars, each more than three meters tall, stand opposite each other on both sides of the path.

How to go to Guangzhou Huanghuagang Park?

If you want to get to Guangzhou Huanghuagang Park by subway. You can get off at the Huanghuagang metro stop. Guangzhou Huanghuagang Park is about five minute walk from the exit.