Dongguan Labour Shortage at the end of 2013

Chinese New Year is around the corner. The shortage of workers in Dongguan becomes more severe a problem for many factories. Some Dongguan factories are forced to move to inland areas in China, like Hunan, Hubei and other provinces. Since the start of December, a growing number of workers have resigned. The workers are returning home to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Most of these workers will look for new jobs the next year. Since the working conditions in inland areas have improved, these workers may choose to find jobs near their hometown, so they may not come back to Dongguan. It is increasingly difficult to find new temporary workers to sustain manufacturing operations in Dongguan too.

Dongguan Labour Shortage

Most migrant workers in Dongguan were born in the 1980s and 1990s, unlike their parents, this group of post-1980s generation workers cares more about decent working conditions and they change jobs frequently.

Also due to the birth control policy in China, few young workers are available at current stage than the last decade. Thus Dongguan factories not only have to struggle to find new employees, but also to retain existing staff by offering higher salaries, better working conditions and benefits .