Dongguan KTV Girl Drinks Herself into Vegetative State

Many Chinese men go to KTV in Dongguan looking for fun. They spend a lot of money in drinking there. It is the nightlife and an industry in Dongguan. A lot of girls or young women working in Dongguan KTV bars. As a KTV girl in Dongguan, you have no other options other than treat customers with wines.

dongguan ktv girl drinks

A KTV girl in Dongguan became catatonic after chugging a 700 ml bottle of foreign alcohol to win a 5,000 RMB bet with a customer. Now her family is seeking 450,000 RMB in compensation from those who made the bet with her.

Xiao Mo, 26, started vomiting violently shortly after she had finished downing the liquor but she wasn’t taken to hospital until four hours later. She then descended into a vegetative state, and her family has appealed to the Social Security Administration to get help covering the medical fees. The Dongguan No. 2 People’s Court is yet to set a date for the trial.

Tang Shengli from Guangdong-based law firm Baowei told the media that both Xiao Mo and the customer Mr. Liu were responsible for the accident. She should have been aware of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and known how much drink she was capable of taking, according to Tang.

The court reportedly won’t rule it a workplace injury since drinking with customers was not in the job description.

Press blames the incident on applying Chinese “ganbei culture” (Chinese drink culture) to Western drinks, or consider this accident as an isolated case of drinking machismo gone awry. However could be there any other reasons behind the scene? Why the young KTV girls and many others drink so much wine? Are they forced to do so?