China’s crackdown on prostitution

China’s new government has shown the public its resolution to firmly crack down on prostitution, gambling and illegal drugs in 2014. Police have launched an anti-prostitution campaign in Dongguan early in February, just after the Chinese New Year.

But this anti-prostitution campaign did not stop in Dongguan. Now, Chinese Public Security said to have begun investigations in several provinces across China.

China's crackdown on prostitution 2014

China media says police have broken up 73 vice rings and closed down 2,410 prostitution and gambling dens over the past week. China’s anti-prostitution campaign has led to nearly a thousand suspects detained. Chinese police have uncovered over than 1,300 cases illegal sex services. 2,410 locations were shut down, mainly hotels, karaoke bars and saunas that were involved in prostitution or pornography.