Shenzhen transportation

Ports in Shenzhen

Luohu Checkpoint
Add: South of Shenzhen Railway station
Time: 6:30–24:00

Huanggang Checkpoint — Lok Ma Chau
Add: Southern end of Huanggang Road
open 24 hours

Wenjingdu Checkpoint
Add: Wenjing Road South
Time: 07:00–20:00

Shatoujiao Checkpoint
Add: Shatoujiao, Yantian District
Time: 07:00–20:00

Seaport Shekou
Hongkong–Shekou port   Intervals: Minutes
Macao–Shekou port    Minutes
Zhuhai –Shekou port    Minutes
Haikou–Shekou port     Hours
Hongkong Airport–Shekou port    Minutes
Tel: 0755-26695599

Shenzhen Flights

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport is located at the western part of the city. There are more than 200 flights land in Shenzhen daily from all over the world.
Tel: 0755-23456789 –Service center
Tel: 0755-87772000 –Ticket hotline

Shenzhen Railway Station

Add: No.1, Jianshe Road, Luohu District.
Tel: 0755-82328647
Tel: 0755-95105160 –Train ticket booking

Shenzhen Metro/Shenzhen Subway

Shenzhen Metro opened in December, 2004, currently has 2 lines, line 1 and line 4, 21.8 km of total trackage in operation. Both existing lines are undergoing expansion and there are three new lines are under construction which are supposed to complete at the end of 2010 or early 2011. The network will reach a total length of 177 km by then.  In my opinion it is the most convenient and easy to understand method of transport around the Shenzhen city so far.

Metro Line 1: Between Shen Da and Luohu.

  • Shen Da(Shenzhen University):
    Gao Xin Yuan (High tech Park科技园):
    Bai Shi Zhou:
    Shi Jie Zhi Chuan(Window of the World):
    Hua Qiao Cheng(Overseas Chinese Town):
    Qian Cheng Dong(Overseas Chinese Town East):
    Zhu Zi LinChe Gong Miao:
    Xiang Mi Hu(Honey Lake):
    Gou Wu Gong Yuan(Shopping Park, Coco Park):
    Hui Zhan Zhong Xin(Exhibition Centre, Interchange for Metro Line 4) :
    Gang XiaHua Qiang Lu(Hua Qian Bei Electronics Centre):
    Ke Xue Guan(Science Museum, Citic City Plaza, there is an international Bar street):
    Da Ju Yuan(Grand Theater, Di wang mansion, MixC) :
    Lao Jie(Dongmen, Dongmen shopping area):
    Guo Mao(Kingglory Plaza here):
    Luo hu(Lu hu Railway station, Luohu Checkpoint)

Metro Line 4: Shaoniangong – Futiankouan.

  • Shao Nian Gong
    Shi Min Zhong Xin(Civic Center)
    Hui Zhan Zhong Xin(exhibition center, you can change to metro line 1 in this stop)
    Fu Min
    Fu Tian Kou An(can transfer to Lok Ma Chau, HK)

Metro Tickets/Subway Tickets

Metro fares can be paid for with single-ride tokens, multiple-ride Shenzhen Metro TransCards/
Shenzhen Tong cards or weekly passes.

How to purchase metro tickets/tokens?

–You can use the auto ticket machines in every metro station or go to the information counter for assistance. To exit the station, you will need to deposit the token in the slot at the exit gate.

Shenzhen Taxi

You can call a taxi by waving hang,but don’t do it in prohibited areas. There are three kinds taxis identified by different colors:red,yellow and  grenen. Red taxi can run long distance;the yellow ones can only operate in the special economic zone;and the green ones can only operate outside the special economic zone.
Remember to keep your invoice, in case you leave any thing aboard, the invoice can help you find the taxi driver.

Taxi Reservation Tel:

Taxi rate in Shenzhen:
Starting Price
RMB:   12.5within 3 km
16 (23:00pm-06:00am)

Shenzhen transportation
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4 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    How to go from Bao an international airport to Shengold hotel by MRT, pls give me an information, thanks for your help.

  2. admin says:

    Do you mean Shenzhen Gold Hotel in Luohu district?
    If so you can follow two routes:

    Route Number One
    1. take shuttle bus number M416 from Bao An International airpot to Metro line 1, it costs you 2 RMB for the bus, takes about 10 minutes to get to the nearest Metrol station ‘HouRui station’ in metrol line 1. (there will be a new metro line with a metro stop in the airport in the future, it is currently under construction)
    2. after about 25 metro stops in line 1, you need to transfer to metro line 2 at the Dajuyuan metro station.
    3. get off the metro in the next stop ‘Hubei station’ in line 2 (Hubei station is just next to Dajuyuan station), the Shenzhen Gold hotel is just close to the metrol station.

    Alternative route
    1. take Airport express bus number 330 from Airport to the end destination at Luohu border, it costs 20 RMB, a bit more than one hour on the way, around 70 minutes or so.
    2. then take a taxi from Luoho border to the hotel, should be about 10 minutes.

  3. Benyamin says:

    I am from indonesia i want to go to fuzhou by bullet train

    1. What is the name of train terminal in Sz and where is the location
    2. How to buy the ticket….is it possible to buy the ticket through internet

  4. admin says:

    The bullet train from fuzhou will arrive at Shenzhen North train terminal in Shenzhen. It is located at Longhua district of Shenzhen (Longhua new zone).
    It seems the official ticket order system is only in Chinese. But you can search see if you can order ticket on internet via any agents. Personally I would recommend this one

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