Tallest Building in Shenzhen China

Tallest Building in Shenzhen China

Do you think the tallest building in Shenzhen is Diwang mansion (also known as Diwang Building or Shun Hing Square)? No, not any more.

KingKey Financial Center is now the tallest building in Shenzhen. It is one of the top 3 China tallest buildings. Among the many skyscrapers in Shenzhen buildings, the 441 meter Kingkey Finance Tower tops out. Diwang Building which used to be the tallest building in Asia and China is only 384 meters high.

kingkey finance center

Kingkey Finance Tower is also known as KingKey100, KK100 or KK Mall. The construction began from November 2007 and is expected to complete later 2011. Architect is the British Terry Farrell and Partners, British ARUP, American LIA. It has 100 floors, estimated construction cost is 5 billion RMB.  It is said the top three floors of the Kingkey Finance Tower will feature a sky garden with fine dining restaurants.

The Kingkey Finance Tower will be the tallest construction in Shenzhen until 2015. The Pin’an Finance Building will be the new No. 1 in Shenzhen by 2015.


China Tallest Buildings

The tallest buildings in China are Shanghai World Financial Center which is 492 M, it was built in 2008 and has 101 floors; Nanjing Greenland Financial Center which is 450 M, it was built in 2010, it has 89 floors; Kingkey Finance Tower which is 442 M as mentioned above; Guangzhou West Tower which is 438 M, Shanghai Jin Mao Tower which is 421 M, Guangzhou CITIC Plaza which is 391, Shenzhen Shun Hing Square (or Diwang Building, Diwang mansion) which is 384 M.

Tallest Building in Shenzhen China
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