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Secret to Long Life Revealed

How important is a woman to a man? Do you think you can live without a woman? Check the story see how can a sorcerer keep away from women and his secret!

The Poor Man Flatters No Man

“Praise no man; flatter no man; and permit no man to praise or flatter you”. Check The story of The Poor Man who Flatters No Man…

How to know women’s age?

Is it really rude to ask a woman her age? But what if you’re “interested” in a girl or you married her? Check the story to get tips if want to know women’s age.

Rainy Day Guests Staying Day

IF your guests don’t intend to leave soon, How to ask your guests to leave? On the other side, How to Be a Good Guest? See what happened in a Chinese wineshop at Ancient times…

Does Money Change People

Does Money Change People? How Can Money Change A Person? What you can do to assure you are behaving with integrity when become wealthy? Check the story of a beggar!

Different Reactions to the Same Action

Same Behavior, Different Consequences, Why? is it Double Standards? Check out the old story see why people have Different Reactions to the Same Action?

A Foolish Thief

Which Is Better, To Be Blind Or See A Horrible Reality? Are you blind to the Truth sometimes just as the Foolish Thief in the Story? Read the Story now,Ssee How the thief Steal, How Can People Be So Blind, So Deaf or Stupid To The Truth?

Say No to Solo

A team or solo player? Is collaboration important to you or do you feel more motivated by individual work? Check the Story Why Mr. Nanguo Say No to Solo and Why?